Self-Love Program

Self-Love Program


(Het Self-Love Program bied ik enkel in het Engels aan, daarom is ook alle info erover in het Engels.)


Do you:

- want to love yourself more but don't know how?

- feel burdened by the judgments in your head and want to be free of them?

- find yourself sometimes hating yourself and want to find back the love ?

- feel ready to explore several ways of Self-Love so that you can find your own beautiful way ?

- want to walk this journey with other lovely (wo)men by your side and be inspired and supported by each other?

Then this online coaching program might be the right fit for you!

Over the course of 9 weeks you make a journey


from laying a gentle and compassionate foundation,


working through the obstacles that hinder your Self-Love,


then expanding your Self-Love in several ways,


all the way up to the moment you feel ready to commit to yourself in your own unique way.

Eliane Sainte-Marie, coach & founder of Parenting For Wholeness,

for whom I created the Self-Love Program:

"I can't say enough about Annemie. She's been a tremendous support to me in the past year. I wouldn't have grown and healed as much as I have without the wisdom, clarity, strength and profound empathy that she's provided to me.

This program has been created to provide you with the kind of support and guidance that she's given me informally. I can't say enough about Annemie and her wisdom and ability to support us in learning to love and care for ourselves, in the way we strive to do with our children.

I believe who she is is a massive agent for healing in this world. And that this program is just the very beginning of what we'll see from her over the decades to come. I feel more hopeful about the world knowing Annemie is in it, doing the work she's obviously meant to do."

"I feel so honored by the way

you talk to me!

I feel myself grow and seen

when you talk to me like this.

You truly are an amazing woman."

Anke Verhulst

Pregnancy coach in Belgium


participant Self-Love Program

I'm here for you with love, openness and compassion on your journey

and with a rich life-experience from which I gained my heartfelt wisdom and insights.


Wondering if this program is the right fit for you?

Email me at to set up a free 20 minute skype to talk about it!

Email me your time zone and some possible times and we'll arrange our chat, to get to know each other and to discuss the program.

You can also message me on facebook.


  • The Self-Love Program starts Monday September 24, 2018 and ends Sunday December 2nd, 2018.


  • For 9 weeks, each Monday you get a new module full of insights and support and with specific assignments to help you find and develop your Self-Love. (There is 1 extra week at the end to catch up on modules you didn't complete yet.)


  • These are the topics of the 9 modules:

1. Being gentle with yourself

2. Listening to yourself

3. Transforming self-judgment

4. Understanding self-hatred

5. Taking good care of yourself

6. Appreciating yourself as a mother (there's another module for non-mothers)

7. Embracing your sensitivity

8. Committing to yourself

9. Celebrating yourself and your progress


  • There is a private and hidden facebook group set up for this program with only the participants and me, where you can post your work and where you get lots of feedback and support from me. You can also read the other participants' work, which can be very inspiring and supportive.


  • You make the journey of the Self-Love Program with a small group of women (minimum 4 and maximum 7). This allows a safe and private atmosphere, with much respect, support and encouragement to make the most out of the program.


  • Every 2 weeks there is a group call where you can ask questions directly to me, connect with the other participants, and talk about anything concerning Self-Love. Participants find much value in the live calls, they bring the material to live in a very encouraging way.


  • These are the call times: (each call lastst 90 minutes)
  • Saturday September 29 at 1 pm US CDT
  • Sunday October 14 at 1.30 pm US CDT
  • Saturday October 27 at 1 pm US CDT
  • Sunday November 11 at 1.30 pm US CST
  • Saturday November 24 at 1 pm US CST


  • The cost of the program is $447. A 3 month payment plan is available if needed.


There are 2 scholarships available for this program. Contact me if you would like to apply for one of those.

  • The program + four 1-on-1 sessions (each last 1 hour) with me costs costs $697. A 3 month payment plan is available if needed.

Click here to sign up on the Parenting For Wholeness website!


"I'm feeling really grateful

for your help, Annemie.


It's been a blessing

to have been supported and shown

these ways of Self-Love.

I'm really excited to see

where this takes me.

I often think of your example and the aspects of Self-Love day to day.

It helps to know you are out there and are living this and practising Self-Love.

It`s a little like a beacon to follow!"

​Rhonda in Canada

participant Self-Love Program

​"You are a beacon of the courage of vulnerability

for me and for my life."

​Sarah Nakatsuka


(Sarah's picture)

About the 1-on-1 sessions

This is what I offer:

  • an honest listening heart filled with empathy for you
  • a rich life experience from doing inner work full on for more than 15 years
  • rooting for you, being by your side and supporting you in your challenges
  • a clear sense of what is healthy and what not, which can be very helpful if you are in the middle of something and can't see through
  • much much gentleness and sincere interest in you
  • heart-felt support in speaking up for yourself

Most of all: I honor you the way you are.

Adding 1-on-1 sessions to the Self-Program can be very helpful, because it is a deep coaching program. We look deeply into what hinders your Self-Love and then it can be necessary to have some sessions to fully work through your obstacles.

You'll defenitely get the most out of it if you take the full package.

Annemie's take on Self-Love

Loving myself is one of the wisest things I ever started doing in my life, and the fruits of it are so beautiful and long-lasting.

It began on my 17th birthday, when I hit rock bottom with chronic fatigue and depression.

I knew I had to change my ways of living to find a solution, to find back my happiness.

And I'm so glad that I decided that day to take my feelings seriously and started listening to my own heart.

From that openness towards myself so much beauty and love has grown.

By now my Self-Love is one of the most steady forces in my life and I feel so thrilled to share the insights I found on my journey with you!

I love people and I love working with people on finding YOUR Self-Love.

In this program you are constantly invited to check in with yourself and stay true to what works for you, what resonates with you, what makes your heart sing.

Because Self-Love is something so personal, and I totally respect the uniqueness of each person.

Contact me at to set up a free 20 minute skype to talk about the program,

to see if it's the right fit for you.

Email me your time zone and some possible times and we'll arrange our chat!



I hope you'll take this brave step towards Self-Love.

You are so worth it!!